Welcome to our outstanding rental home in the historic center of Medulin. The locals say this house is over 300 years old and is one of the first ones built in the whole area. This iconic object is a traditional stone house and pride of old Medulin. A surprising architectural combination of monumental facade with massive stone stairs and a modern twist on the inside.

This charming old beauty was reinvented in 2014 with a plan to maintain as much as possible from the heritage. On the inside it is upgraded to modern standards with the aim to create a unique environment. This house is not designed to be like a hotel or a typical Istrian rental house made to only please the tourists. It is created to be your second home, as much as it is ours: warm and hearty.

This place will surely help you create some beautiful new holiday memories.

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The entire house: 4 guests . 2 bedrooms . 2 beds . 1 bathroom . 1 toilet

The nearest sand city beaches are 700 m away. The nearest big city Pula is 10 km away.

This house has 3 floors, front garden and 50m2 back garden. The ground floor features a beautiful stone passage from the ground floor entrance leading into an open communal space with open kitchen, toilet and entrance to the back garden. From this area you have an overview of all floors, all the way to the double roofwindows and beyond. In short, this living kitchen provides a spacious, light and most pleasant place to meet, eat and spend quality time together. Spiral stairs lead to the open area on the first floor which features a lounge corner and provides entrance to the master bedroom, the laundry room, the bathroom with toilet and the stairs to the attick. A workspace, an entertainment area and the second bedrooom complete the upper floor.

The outside stone walls are over 60cm up to 1meter thick, which helps the temperature in the house to stay much lower than on the outside during the summer heat waves. Nevertheless, airconditioning provided throughoout the house will apply to set the perfect temperature to your liking.

The house resides in a quiet part of Medulin, hardly any traf fic and no busy roads around it while being steps away from Med ulin’s main square where you can find postoffice, restaurants, a bakery, caffees, police office and more.

The house is neatly and thoroughly cleaned including the use of desinfecting appliances with extra care for hygiene and health. Beddings and towels are washed on high heat settings and all surfaces in the house are sanitized. You will have an extra pair of clean sheets and towels in your room.

Our bikes are available and free to use. This could provide you some amazing sightseeing when taking a spin through the untouched parts of nature in Medulin and and it’ s surroundings. Official bike routes are marked and connect all the attractive lo cations and nature resources.


Complete kitchen to cook and serve, double american fridge with freezer, coffee maker and electric kettle, electric oven including pizza stone, toaster, bread maker. House is equiped with fast wifi which provides internet acces to your devices. House is equiped with three airconditioning units.
Also included a big garden bbq. Monitor to plug in your laptop, ipad or playstation is available. The place stays cooled down nicely with heatwaves and remains warm when it is cold.
Dishwasher is available. You are welcome to use the soundbar which you can connect with bluetooth.    
Laundry room has everything you need: washing machine, dryer and a drying rack. Beddings and towels are washed on high heat settings and all surfaces in the house are sanitized. Our bikes can be used by our guests.
Hairdryer is available. You will have an extra pair of clean sheets and towels available in your room. One bike attachable trailer is available.
Parking is public and is just 50m away from the house, next to the church. Medulin has many free city parking areas. The nearest beach is about 800m away from the house.

See section: surroundings

You can bring your pet(s) with the option to enjoy only the ground floor and the garden.

Please ask the agency about the restrictions


Over 300 years ago, this house was build from traditional local white stones and the walls are up to 1m thick. A typical Istrian wealthy house, with a wine cellar in the basement and some domestics animals. Living area used to be on the first floor and an open toilet was provided in the back garden. Half of the back garden had a raised platform and was used as a small and very cute vegetable garden. In the other corner was a shed for pigs and chickens. Stone stairs provided entrance to the habited part of the house and the ark door was an open stone passage to the back garden. We also learned it was once a bakery because the stones on one side of the house were blackened.

We were instantly charmed with this beautiful wreck and decided to save it’s historic value by restoring the front of the house to it’s original state as much as possible. W e even had dark brown shutters added, which is Medulin’s signature colour. As one of the last authentic houses from this area, it is still a pride of Medulin’ s heritage and visitors can still get a glimpse of the long history of a once tiny Istrian village.

This beauty deserved a second life, so fixing only the front was not our only challenge. The house needed to be entirely reinvented inside and all the walls cleaned, reinforced, filled and secured. With the help of our dear friend, Dutch architect Koen Rouwhorst, we did everything to preserve what could be preserved and give the inside of the house a new, modern heart. We are proud of the house being authentic and it is once again the most photographed house in all of Medulin.

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Map of the area

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Centar 126
52203 Medulin


This house is in a quiet part of Medulin, no cars and busy roads around it while being just a corner away from Medulin main center square with postoffice, restaurants, bakery, caffees and a walking distance from the first city beaches. Istrians are very proud of the intact nature on most of their coast, wild beaches and long hiking trails through the woods. When it comes to the great Istrian cuisine, apart from couple of places we mention below, try searching for local farm restaurants. Very popular are the Istrian Agriturismo restaurants, where the farmers serve everything prepared with their own produce.

Camp Medulin Liznjan beaches Cape Kamenjak
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The pride of Medulin with variety of different beaches around the camp. From a kid-friendly sandbeach to wide open crystal clear sea stone beaches with a stunning view of the adriatic horizon. Wild and untouched by mass tourism where you can have privacy with your own little personal bay. Make sure you bring enough sun protection or a beach umbrella, there is no trees close to the beach. Cape Kamenjak is the pride of Istria. This is a national park, a protected area with more than 30 km of coastal line featuring many coves, beaches and huge variety of nature.
Restaurant: Salt&Pepper Restaurant: Financa Restaurant: Boccaporta
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This Medulin based restaurant is one of the best in Istria. Modern cuisine with traditional touch, Josper oven grill and many surprising ways of preparing the food. Make sure to be in time with your reservations. The only restaurant you should visit in the Medulin Camp area. Great sea view and quite classic meals prepared neatly. Great to visit once you are on the beach and want a nice bite on their seaview terrace or order pizza to eat at the beach. This restaurant, located in Pula, has great, traditional food prepared with lots of care and pride. The chefs are really good and the staff is super friendly. Hearty, good place for a classic Istrian bite.
SUP-ing Biking Hiking
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One of the most wonderful places in the world to SUP. The unexpected beaches, caves, areas and untouched nature you can see only from the water. We highly recommend to give it a go. Biking is a perfect way to see more of the area apart from the coastline. The bike routes are marked throughout all of Istria and connects attractive locations and nature resources. Hiking in Istria is very exciting. You will discover amazing areas where no cars, bikes or even boats can access. Also a perfect opportunity to walk up the amazing surrounding hills and mountains.
Basketball Tennis Jogging
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Double full basketball courts with nets and night reflectors so you can go on playing till late in the night. Located right at the coast. Croatia is a big basketball country so you can always have company for some nice pick-up games. There are many Tennis courts in the area. Private ones as well as courts belonging to hotels or sport centers. Courts are always in high demand, so be fast to make your reservations. This is also a perfect opportunity to enjoy the amazing fresh air and see some intact nature around. Choose wherever around you want to run and trust us, you will not regret it.
Medulin islands Brioni islands Pula Arena
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Take a water taxi or a ferry and enjoy the real beach life on island Ceja with amazing beaches and a good bite in the local restaurant. You will be surrounded with amazing crystal clear water. Brioni islands form a big national park consisting of the island group. Once a residence to president Tito in the time of Yugoslavia, now a great natural resort. Beautiful to visit. Pure part of history from this area. Once belonging to a Roman Empire, Istria has many archeological findings from that era. The Arena is home to many concerts and festivals because of the fantastic acoustics, but a pleasure to visit at any time.
Local butcher: Bakin Ecological market Pula Food market Pula
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Local butcher at the entrance of Medulin, just across the road from local supermarket Plodine. These guys have some of the best quality local meat in the whole area and they are proud and passionate about their products. This is the only true place where local people are selling their own produce. Home made fruit syrups, cheese, fruit, vegetables, cakes, meat and lots of other items. They are called: Solidarna Ekološka Tržnica Pula and you can follow them on FB for the opening days and hours. Pula market is a very big open-air marketplace next to the big indoor fish and meat market. Here you can shop many local veggies and other products directly from the actual farmers. Visiting this place is a must.

Enjoy your stay and please spread the good word!